Meet women from different walks of life, that share your same drive, hustle, and passion to succeed. Join a community that will challenge you to level up and take care of yourself, your future, and your community.



Allow yourself to be celebrated. Now more than ever women are seeking a community and safe haven where they are seen, heard, enlightened, and liberated.

We are more than a social group, we strive to create an environment where like-minded women link up and empower each other through connections.

We are a group of powerhouse women, visionaries, and leaders who unite to network, collaborate, and inspire one another.



When I started Because Women Love Brunch in 2016 I had no idea what our community would become. I remember always having a calling and desire to bring women together. I always wanted to break the norm and create a community where women of color could strive and build alongside one another. I consider myself a regular girl and I wanted to create a community for regular women who lead extraordinary lives through the goals we obtain, businesses we create, and families we nurture. I’m so grateful to orchestrate connections that have led to job opportunities, partnerships, self discovery, business opportunities, and endless collaborations.

founder and hostess, Because Women Love brunch

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